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Four Seasons Home, an 1862 Vermont farmhouse, was purchased by Ruth and Dan Baliotti in 2003 and is the original business location for Dover Hill and its products.  Their unique property is surrounded by fields and trees, and evokes a timeless beauty which serves as a source of inspiration throughout the year.


Ruth Beck Baliotti has had a passion for art and design since childhood. Her active career in the home fashions industry has lead Ruth to a lifestyle that balances her joy in a country life with her enthusiasm for creative and business endeavors.

Ruth excels at blending tradition in design with a modern lifestyle.  “Creating a style for the home designed to live comfortably with both past and present is a challenge and a satisfying creative experience,” she says.  “Accepting collectibles as the starting point is working with a set of rules already in place.  Design is the combination of artistry and enhanced nostalgia.”  Ruth, born in Pennsylvania, has roots in a farming culture.  She remembers the farmhouse style kitchen and Grandma’s pantry, both comfortable, nurturing memories of simpler times. 


Dan Baliotti is an award winning photographer and multimedia producer who has enjoyed commercial success in advertising and publication venues.  His love for skiing, combined with, a history of visits to the mountains for photography shoots encouraged him to seek residence in southern Vermont.  Dan’s love of culinary arts is based on the his family history of using fresh foods and traditional cooking skills in the Italian style.  Cooking was always a family event, (from recipes passed down from generations) where mom wore an apron, and Dad did the prep work.  If you ask Dan today where to find the best restaurant, he'll tell you: “You're already in it- my kitchen!”


Ruth and Dan are proud to pass on some of their experience and love for products with a nostalgic flair. 


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